Skill Development Program for Colleges


Every year 1.5 million Engineering students graduate with high hopes and aspirations of landing their dream job. If you are here, you must be one of them.

At Coursenity, we understand that there is a lack of skilled professionals across industries due to the mismatch between academic education and corporate life expectations. Therefore, we have designed solution offerings customised for the various skill development needs of college students

Our Solution

Our Training Solution for Colleges allows soon-to-be graduates like you to complement your studies with relevant practical trainings to enable you to upskill yourselves to become comprehensive IT professionals. Our aim is to accompany you and be an integral part of your skill development journey from College to being an employed IT professional.

Our one-stop shop approach ensures that we are not only addressing your training needs but also, adding value at every juncture of the skill development cycle – A BLENDED TRAINING APPROACH.


The following are the primary features of our technical training offering:

  • Well-designed courses with high engagement and outcome-centric Learning approach
  • Provide Latest Curriculum that are inline with latest trends & Market needs
  • Mentorship Programmes and Hands on Projects
  • Live demo of projects
  • Our partnership with Technology vendors like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, RPA
  • We Measure Training effectiveness thru pre & post training evaluation

Our industry readiness program reduces the skill gap in the market by exposing students & fresh graduates to real world processes.

  • Develop your solutioning skills
  • Expose you to real-world processes such as estimation, client communication, scrum meetings, etc.
  • Allow you to play roles like software developers, testers, and business analysts in order to prepare you for role-centric challenges that are common in the industry.
  • Skills learnt in college are fine-tuned for the industry requirements and expectations.
  • Reduction of lead time in optimal productivity.

Be on top of changes in the IT industry, focus on specific challenges you’re facing, gain fresh insights and take away actionable skills!

About the Seminars
  • Get information on our programs and courses
  • Stay informed about current trends in the IT market
  • Get insights on the future of the IT industry – where is it going in the next 5 years?
  • Understanding the importance of our Training programs
Why Attend the Seminars
  • You choose the training programs that are best suited for you.
  • You prepare yourself better to be a good fit for the market
  • You are motivated and ready to experience what the industry has to offer in the future
  • You understand the right approach to up-skill yourself

At coursenity, we don’t just train you, we guide you through your journey to finding the right job. Our holistic approach helps in assessing and honing your skills and be market ready.

Our placement guidance consist of:

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