• Meant for those who want to design, build, debug, and test real-world Android applications.
  • Available for corporate training as well as classroom training.
  • Official partner for delivering the training program to eligible candidates under the Government of Karnataka’s skill development scheme.

THIS IS AN EXCITING TIME FOR ANDROID DEVELOPERS. Mobile phones have never been more popular; powerful smartphones are now a regular choice for consumers; and the Android ecosystem has expanded to include tablet and TV devices to further expand the audience of Android applications.

Hundreds of stylish and versatile devices — packing hardware features such as GPS, accelerometers, NFC, and touch screens, combined with reasonably priced data plans — provide an enticing platform upon which to create innovative applications for all Android devices.

Android offers an open alternative for mobile application development. Without artificial barriers, Android developers are free to write applications that take full advantage of increasingly powerful mobile hardware and distribute them in an open market. As a result, developer interest in Android devices has exploded as handset sales have continued to grow. As of 2012, there are hundreds of handset and tablet OEMs, including HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung, ASUS, and Sony Ericsson. More than 300 million Android devices have been activated, and that number is growing at a rate of over 850,000 activations every day.

Using Google Play for distribution, developers can take advantage of an open marketplace, with no review process, for distributing free and paid applications to all compatible Android devices. Built on an open-source framework, and featuring powerful SDK libraries, Android has enabled more than 450,000 applications to be launched in Google Play.

We have designed a hands-on Android Developer training program that allows participants to learn all the skills and techniques required to design, build, and test real-world Android applications.

The following is the high-level outline that would be covered during the course:

  • Introduction to Android
  • Android development tools
  • Creating applications and activities
  • Building user interfaces
  • Intents and broadcast receivers
  • Files, saving state and preferences
  • Databases and content providers
  • Working in the background
  • Expanding the user experience
  • Advanced user experience

The following are the high-level objectives of the Android Developer training program:

  • Become proficient in Android developer tools, SDKs, and APIs.
  • Build, debug, and test Android applications.
  • Distribute Android applications through Google Play Store.
  • Become ready for Google’s Android certification.
Corporate Training

We offer our Android Developer training program to corporates for up-skilling their resources. Since the requirements of corporates can be different on project-to-project basis, we do customize the training program to meet the specific needs.

Classroom Training

We deliver Android Developer training program in a classroom at one of our training centers. Please contact us to see if the enrolment is open for an upcoming batch.

In-College Training

We deliver Android Developer training program to engineering students in colleges so that the students are ready for being hired as Android developers after they complete their graduation.

Free Government-Sponsored Training

Coursenity, in affiliation with ACCPL, is an official partner for conducting Android Developer training program under the Government of Karnataka employment training schemes. The training, under the scheme, is free for eligible candidates.

Are you interested in our training programs and would like to know more? Please provide your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.